About Us

Bubblegum Swag was created with two little brown girls in mind to remind them that the skin tone they were adorned with is the best swag they'll ever wear. 

We're here to uplift and inspire young brown girls of all ages to embrace their God-given swag! We are dedicated to celebrating all things melanin and encourage our girls to be their authentic selves no matter the shade of their skin, size of their stature, or texture of their hair. 

We want every girl to know that they can wear their melanin proudly with their heads held high. Our brown girls are lacking representation. Every little girl deserves to see a reflection of themselves wherever they go.  Why not start with a little swag that represents who they truly are? We believe there's beauty in every shade.

Take a peek in our shop! You won't be disappointed. It's an add to cart kind of day!